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With Patient Care as the Foundation, Dr. Neilank K. Jha is Pioneering Initiatives to Revolutionize Medicine

Through innovative technologies and strategic partnerships, Dr. Jha is shaping the future of medicine and improving patient outcomes



Artwork by Kate Stavniichuk


Dr. Jha was born in Edmonton, Alberta and grew up playing hockey. His upbringing diverged from the norm early on. At the age of 11, he journeyed to India, where he was selected to reside at an ashram under the guidance of a revered spiritual teacher. While his mother harbored uncertainties, his father perceived this as an invaluable opportunity. 

For 5 years, he lived a simple life, waking up early every day and sleeping on a concrete floor. He participated in meditation, community service, school, and received spiritual teachings. Throughout his time there he often had the chance to listen in on conversations with global leaders from CEOs to heads of state.

An enduring lesson that has profoundly shaped his adult life was when his spiritual teacher posed a question: “Do you know the Elephant God Lord Ganesha and his mouse servant? Do you know when people worship Lord Ganesha, they inadvertently worship the Mouse? Don’t ever forget you’re the mouse.” It’s a constant reminder of his potential as merely an instrument that could be used for the greater good of humanity, guiding his path with humility and purpose.


Dr. Jha’s formative years as a young adult were marked by serendipitous events. During his fellowship at Toronto Western Hospital, he had the privilege of learning under a world-renowned spine specialist. Among the memorable highlights was winning a spicy food eating competition, which unexpectedly opened doors to becoming a personal advisor to Canada’s opposition leader at the time. However, his most gratifying work involved his charitable endeavors with inner-city youth in Toronto, striving to foster a brighter future for the next generation.

Thanks to his connection with said opposition leader, he recommended Dr. Jha to Canada’s premier broadcasting station, CBC, where he was invited to provide expert commentary from a neurosurgeon’s perspective on Sidney Crosby’s concussion diagnosis. His insightful response resonated with the network, propelling him into regular appearances covering various professional sports including hockey, football, and golf – a trajectory that persists to this day.


In a pivotal moment, Dr. Jha received distressing news of his mother’s fall resulting in a concussion, prompting a frantic search for the foremost expert. Driven by urgency, he identified Dr. Julian Bailes, world-renowned neurosurgeon and the inspiration behind Alec Baldwin’s portrayal in the film “Concussion.”

After persistent efforts, Dr. Jha secured a brief meeting with Dr. Bailes and, over time, what began as a surreal encounter blossomed into a profound mentorship, leading to collaborative ventures on professional sports boards, business, and shared family vacations.

With Dr. Bailes’ guidance, his career soared, establishing himself as a leading authority in concussions, facilitating successful corporate restructuring, M&A, and spearheading mentorship initiatives to cultivate the next generation of leaders. 

Dr. Jha enjoys spending his time with family, and often discusses his work with his four small children as creative solutions can come from the unlikeliest sources.


As a neurosurgeon, few diagnoses strike fear like Glioblastoma (brain cancer), with its grim prognosis and devastating impact on patients’ lives. Dr. Bailes and Dr. Jha share a profound commitment to finding solutions that enhance both survival rates and quality of life for these individuals. Dr. Bailes has pioneered cutting-edge research in deep brain medical device implantation, a field where their paths have frequently intersected.

Upon making the strategic decision to merge their technologies and expertise to form a company called NeuraSeed BCI dedicated to revolutionizing brain cancer and neurological disorder treatments through Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) and medical device technologies, he felt deeply honored and privileged to work alongside his mentor. Together, they are pushing boundaries and embarking on an expanded mission to explore the final frontier of brain treatment, leveraging their innovative technologies to navigate the complexities of the human brain.

Their journey at NeuraSeed BCI represents a beacon of hope for those grappling with these formidable conditions, promising transformative breakthroughs and a brighter future.